About Us

We created our first beer bottle chandelier and bar light over a decade ago. We have sold our beer bottle chandeliers and bar lights all over the world from Australia to Ireland as well as Singapore, Amsterdam, Norway, Canada, Germany and the good ol' U.S.A. Our 3 tier beer bottle chandelier and our 2 tier beer bottle chandelier are very popular with bar and pub owners. We have sold several pool table beer bottle chandeliers to bars as well as home owners that want that unique look in their game room. Our most popular beer bottle chandelier is by far the 41 bottle Ė 3 tier model. We offer custom drop rod lengths for our entire beer bottle chandelier line as well as offering to wire for low voltage sockets so you can add a beer bottle chandelier to your outdoor lighting system! If you donít see a beer bottle chandelier that is right for you; please do not hesitate to call or email us because we strive to be THE source for beer bottle chandeliers and bar lights. New additions to our beer bottle chandelier line are wine holders and media room sconces that have that unique and fun look.

Trent Cody
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