40 Bottle Pool Table Light

40 Beer Bottle Pool Table Light

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This is the latest pool table design that we have to offer. This unique chandelier sports our "full label" design (the entire front label is shown). It not only holds your bottles but the caps as well, with the supplied magnets in place, you just set your favorite beer caps over them... it's that easy! You pick the length of the down rod, color and the top design and it is made custom for you! The light bar holds eight small based bulbs (not included). Like all of our chandeliers, you custom create your unique look just by adding more of one color of bottle. Features:
The frame is constructed of 11-gauge steel and solid steel rods
It measures 45 in wide x 12 in deep x 12 in high (plus hangers above
Electrical mounting kit is supplied.
Holds 8 bulbs (not included)
Holds 40 empty beer bottles (not included)
Holds 32 bottle caps (also not included)
Your choice of dark brown patina or black patina (shown in photo)

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